Catchlight Studios

As part of my business I also own Catchlight Studios Belfast

Catchlight is a custom built 1000sq ft Studio in Conway Mill, Belfast. I am confident that this is one of the best studios in Northern Ireland. We offer full day, half day and evening rentals at great rates. We will also be continuing with our popular studio lighting workshops.

Studio Highlights:
Custom Infinity Curve: A vital tool for creating professional fashion, commercial and advertising studio images.
Daylight studio (6 very large south facing windows) with anti-reflective blackout blinds.
Full rental experience including Elinchrom Lights (9 Heads) and numerous light-shaping tools (soft-boxes, octas, beauty dishes etc).

Studio Lighting Workshop & Location Based Course Highlights:
Lighting workshops to suit beginner, intermediate & advanced photographers, taught by a varied range of professional photographers.
All of our courses are informal, fun and interactive. You are encouraged to join in and ask questions as we go along.

You will learn how to use hard light, soft light, key light, fill light, kickers and backlights empowering you to be able to create portraits of all styles. Learn how to control contrast, how to separate the foreground and background lighting in a shot, and how to use reflectors in beauty photography.